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Nip in the Air

Dear Friends:

It is official: fall is on its way! I am now walking in the morning wearing a turtle neck t-shirt and occasionally pulling the sleeves down to cover my hands. And yes I do have red legs, because I won’t give up my shorts yet!

The nights are now cooler and there is that nip in the air. It now takes until 4:00 for the day to reach its temperature high.

The Lunchbox Sale is August 27 to September 8. We have a selection of lunchbags and various containers to hold all the little bits that make up your lunch.

I remember working with someone many years ago who used the same wax paper and the same brown paper bags for his sandwich for months. After the meal he would fold everything carefully and put it in the back pocket of his pants to give to his wife. Please note his wife made him a sandwich every day for lunch and there was nothing else. I don’t know whether I am more amazed at his wife for making it for him or that there was nothing else. But if I had to make someone’s lunch everyday, I would probably just make a sandwich too, and not a very interesting one!

There has been a lot of talk about sustainable lunch gear – using containers that are deemed earth friendly. We carry containers you can use many times – even for years – that don’t leak or open by accident. To me that is what sustainable is – long lasting and do the jobs they are supposed to do well. Yes they are plastic, but if they last for years, that is sustainable.

I also think you should have a lot of containers based on the idea if you are making one lunch, you might as well make the week’s worth. I often make a collection of things in one go – leftovers in individual pots, cheese cubes in small containers, grapes, crackers and anything else to clean the fridge. In the morning I just choose based on what I feel like and what is closest to its best before date.

Could you tell that was a sales pitch? It was, and an encouragement to eat healthy.

Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. On Friday September 7 we are going to start carrying local bread again! Hildegard’s Bakery will be delivering bread and treats to us on Friday and Saturday mornings. This is a heavier, healthier bread, similar to the bread Crusty Bun carries. Hildegard’s makes a Sunflower Rye Sourdough that is very similar to the Pumpernickel Bread from Crusty Bun: very heavy and seedy. I always say one slice of this for breakfast and you are full all morning.