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Bread is back!

Dear Friends:

Starting this Friday we are going to carry Hildegard’s Bakery bread and treats! Their bread is what is sometimes referred to as “Artisan” bread, a term I think is often used for bread that is not white and fluffy and fits in a toaster; it is bread that is heavy, grainy and more round than square.

The grocery stores have taken the term artisan bread to indicate that the bread is healthier and hand-made like you would at home. Often the only thing artisan about it is the shape.

I like my bread heavy, grainy and substantial enough to carry lots of stuff, like a good spread of mayo, thick tomatoes, cucumbers and tuna or bacon or smoked chicken. Oh, and it’s good for you!

Hildegard’s bread fits this description. We are getting several varieties of sourdough bread and their Five-Grain Pan Bread; all are hand-made out of good things. Real artisan bread! There will also be a Special Sourdough Loaf each week that Hildegard’s chooses, for example Herb & Cheese or Walnut & Raisin.

The treats we will carry are a Morning Glory Muffin for second breakfast, vegan Coconut Brownies (you can’t tell the difference from the non-vegan) for second lunch, and a vegan Seed and Spice Cookie.

When I first mentioned that we would be carrying Hildegard’s baking, a customer asked me if we would get the Butter Tarts. They have Butter Tarts? How did I miss that?! So they have been added to the list. I haven’t tried one yet, but ask me Friday after lunch, then I will tell you if they are good. I understand they have quite a reputation.

Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Tammy let me know that now is the time to use a Wine Kit to make wine for Christmas. It takes four weeks from the time you start until you can bottle. While you can drink it right after bottling, it does benefit from an extra couple of months of aging.

P.P.S. Winter hours are also back! We are open again on Sundays: 12 – 5.