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Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Dear Friends:

Just a reminder: Thanksgiving is coming! Are you in charge to prepare everything or just one dish?

There are always Brussels Sprouts for Thanksgiving and Christmas and usually they are overcooked mushy things that you just push around on your plate. Not anymore! Our recipe this month is Creamy Brussels Sprouts and this is for all those who don’t like them.

The creamy is from sour cream, and with lightly steamed Brussels Sprouts, they are wonderful.

You can pick up the recipe in the store, or (now I am going out on the line and with my fingers crossed) from our new website! scoopnweigh.com
It is live as you are reading this!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups and Brussels Sprouts Lovers!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Just a forewarning: we are having a Fall Garage Sale September 26 to 29. I am still in my cleaning mode and chucking stuff so we have room for the Christmas items. There is lots of stuff to go!

P.P.S. We now have “No Sugar Added Chocolate Chips”. They are sweetened with Maltitol.

P.P.P.S. We carry Curry Sea Salt which has a mild curry flavour. Tammy used it on a pork roast; she sprinkled it on and then rubbed it in. There were potatoes, onions, carrots and a couple of beets in the bottom and they also absorbed the taste. It gave everything a great aroma – not necessarily a curry flavour like curry paste or powder, but just a good taste.

P.P.P.P.S. Who named these things Brussels Spouts? Did that person have to type it ten times to see how difficult it is? Is it two s’s or two l’s and why is the s after the Brussel and still after the Sprouts, and why does it need a capital B? This word is a nightmare to remember, I don’t think I ever typed it correctly the first time! Only because the recipe is so good are they worth the aggravation.


Oh who cares, you get the picture!