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Another Garage Sale

Dear Friends:

I think there is a stage in our lives that few people recognize until you are in the throws of it – getting rid of junk.

It seems whenever my friends and I get together, some of the conversation is about getting rid of treasures/mementos/valuables/stuff/junk. Pick any word you want and it adds up to the same thing – things we don’t want.

If you are lucky you have kids to pawn it off on, although they seem to be both hesitant and picky. Did they learn earlier than us about the problems of collecting things and then having to dispose of them? Or were we too dumb and greedy that we took all that was offered to us?

I have spent the last three years of my life getting rid of stuff and can now feel that I have almost the right amount. There is a permanent box in my house that collects stuff destined for a new home.

Now I look around the store with those same eyes and say why do we have this? Did I really think I would…!?

So September 26 to 29 there is another Garage Sale.
– puzzles that didn’t sell
– plastic containers
– whisks
– table cloths used as store decorations
– cake decorators
– ugly paper napkins
– Valentine’s baking pans
– cereal storage containers

Whatever it is, it is cheap and has to go.

Scoop N’ Weigh the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. My husband and I used to go on hikes; these wilderness treks through bush on some of the many Manitoba trails. I love the physical aspects of constant hiking, the beautiful scenery and, of course, the lunch. Without a lunch break it is just walking!

I have missed this aspect of my life, but a customer convinced me to go alone. So on the August long weekend I went on a trail near my trailer. Prior to going for a hike I was talking to several customers to get pointers and they all asked me if I had told my mother. Of course I didn’t tell her, she would have told me not to go. This was a case of better to ask forgiveness.

Besides, she is still trying to get over me falling on the rocks on the beach at the lake and smashing my face and knees. You don’t need to lecture me, she already did. I am fine, just a fat lip and an excuse to take it easy at yoga.

P.P.S. But I didn’t drop the stones in my hands when I fell. Could be why I landed on my face!

P.P.P.S. Oh and I think this letter is about selling stuff, so here are some of the new things we have. (Take note for Christmas Stocking Stuffers!)

We have items from Alex Clark, like these cute tea towels – bees, cats, dogs and birds.

Or these Drink Coasters with assorted feathered and furry friends. You can buy them individually to mix and match or just get one for your special place (to cover those coffee rings).

Or these Magnetic Note Pads with cute sayings – something to put on the fridge to make you smile. Who needs inspirational quotes or ones that talk about fat pants in the morning? We need happy and cute!