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Be a Bag Lady

Dear Friends:

In 2015 the English government introduced changes to retail stores: customers were required to pay 5 pence (about 5 cents) for a single use plastic shopping bag in the large grocery stores. This small change had a huge effect: the use of bags dropped by 86%.

In 2018 the charge is set to rise to 10 pence (about 15 cents) and will include all shops. A lot of the large grocery stores are also vowing to stop carrying single use grocery bags, and only have reusable ones.

For years I have used reusable bags for groceries and everything I buy. I don’t reuse my plastic bags and just throw them in the garbage, so why bother getting them? Besides, I am picky about how my groceries are packed and like to do it myself.

Want to be a Bag Lady? We have an assortment of bags.

We have Care Bags for small items such as fruit and veggies. I have also seen a customer use them in this store for oatmeal and flour.

These are green stretchy bags with a drawstring closure. They hold a large quantity and are strong and washable. I have used these for several years and the clerks in the grocery stores can read the labels through the fabric and have never had an objection.

We also have those tote bags that roll up and fit into your purse. They are made of a strong nylon type fabric and can carry a lot of weight.

My sister claims they can carry four bottles of wine, but I don’t know if I would push that one; I would cry too hard if the bag broke. I know I have carried lots of groceries and never had a hint that the bag was groaning!

The bags are also fashion statements. I have several tucked into the door of my car and choose the appropriate one based on what I am wearing. Fashion rule 52: no shopping bag should clash with your outfit, you don’t want to look frumpy!

And remember two things: you need more than one bag, because you always buy more than you expect, and you have to carry them with you always, because you say you are just looking and then find something you can’t live without.

Finally we have our beautiful lunchbags. These are a durable plastic laminated fabric bags that are smaller size than the tote bags.

I call them lunchbags, but I also use them to carry small bits, like a book in case I have to wait, a sweater in case it’s cold and a water bottle. Not to mention my Ipad, my shoes and a snack for the movie. I do sound like a Bag Lady! Or at least moving out temporarily.

I wish there were small tote bags, that I could carry around in my purse, when I do manage to only buy what I go to the store for!

Also remember these are good gifts to give to others, especially those trying to reduce their carbon footprint on this earth. They fall under the category of consumables, you use them up, or at least use them, as all these bags seem to last a long time.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups and grocery toting customers!

Linda Klimack

P.S. More store decorations on the move! We use enamelware or spongeware in the store to display things we sell. Customers often ask if they are for sale and I am reluctant to sell, because I never know what we need. Well I am being brave and selling some of it.

They are made of enamel and when dinged and the coating comes off, they will rust. They are more for show than baking or cooking. But they look good holding kitchen utensils.

P.P.S. Other bags we have are Spice, Turkey Stuffing and Soup Socks. To make your life easier.

P.P.P.S. If you are also trying to reduce plastic or think glass makes a better storage container, we have these canisters.

These are four sizes, have a heavy glass base and a plastic twist top that doubles as a measuring cup.

P.P.P.P.S. The Girls are back!