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Silly Stuff

Dear Friends:

Everyone needs silly things; things that make us smile, that remind us of the people who gave them to us, and remind us of who we are. This year we have excelled at silly things. And you will get funny looks when you give these out.

First: Wine Markers – Climbing Squirrels and Curled Cats.

My friend told me he is always forgetting where he puts his drink at a party, so now he just sips from the one closest to him. He also told me this only counts as one drink, because he doesn’t pour another one! Right! And I think I am drinking a lot because I keep pouring drinks, and think I am drunk because I keep misplacing my drink!

These wine makers will end that, although I suspect he will still drink from the nearest glass, as a matter of principle.

Second: Kids Chop Sticks. Easy for a child to use and cute, too.

Third: Pastasaurus! For the big and little kids. They will fight over who gets to scoop pasta.

Fourth: Dish Play Latex Gloves.

Do you think these gloves will encourage them to do the dishes?

Fifth: Tea Infusers: Hot Dog, Purr Cat, Cozy Cup, Tropical Tea and Mr. Tea.

This is for the first tea in the morning at work. Something to start the day with a smile and in the right mood. Let your colleagues know the true you. Mr. Tea is my favourite!

And the best for last: Le Crock Coq – a chicken herb infuser.

Who thinks up these things?

Scoop N’ Weigh the Candy Store for Grownups who never stop being silly!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Continuing on with our theme, we had these last year and they were a hit. Penguin or Snowflake Ice Cube Molds.

P.P.S. We have paper Cocktail Straws in black or green. In England there is a debate about single use plastic straws and threats of banning them. Paper ones are an alternative.

Every cocktail needs a straw to add to the elegance. Did you ever notice children or adults get straws, do they think we are unsteady with our drinks?