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Hanukkah is early!

Dear Friends:

This year Hanukkah is early, December 2 to 10. We have a variety of things for small gifts such as puzzles, bingo and memory games, stickers, and dreidels.

We have melamine serving trays (although as I write this there are very few left), dip bowls and spreaders.

There are lots of paper napkins in a variety of sizes and matching paper plates in dinner and salad sizes. The biggest selection I have ever had.

And of course we have candles for your Menorah.

There are blue and white sprinkles and decorating things for your cakes and cookies.

And finally, no celebration would be complete without treats. We have blue and white candies. And fillable dreidels to put them in.

When I bought the store, 21 years ago, I started carrying Hanukkah things – a few gifts, a few decorations and any candy I could find. I had friends that were Jewish and my husband was sort of Jewish. So why not?

In the beginning getting blue and white candy was difficult, I would search the whole year and beg my suppliers. At every trade show that was one of my missions. It is still not easy, but I manage to cobble together an assortment.

In the early days, before blue juice berries and individual coloured “smarties”, about all I could find were blue whales (Blue Jujubes). So that became a staple. We always had blue whales and a whole generation of children have grown up getting blue whales for Hanukkah.

Last year, I had found enough other candy, that I didn’t think I had to rely on blue whales, so I didn’t stock them. This did not go over well, kids, now grown up, expected them – it was a tradition. So they are back.

Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. We also have Hanukkah gelt.

P.P.S. Who would have ever thought that candy would have the marketing pitch of “Only Recognizable Ingredients”, but these do! These are organic, free trade and vegan “gummi” type candies in Santa shapes. They are stocking stuffers for the food weary.

P.P.P.S. The last treat is Xochitl Corn Chips in red and green. These will look great smothered in cheese and etc. for nachos.

P.P.P.P.S. For your messy hands, there are these Santa and Rudolph shaped paper napkins. These are for the kids’ table on Christmas.