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Almond Crescents

Dear Friends:

The recipe for December and for the Holiday Season is Almond Crescents.

These are a rich almond flour cookie, sickle-shaped and decorated with either icing sugar, cinnamon sugar or one end dipped in chocolate. These cookies are easy to make. Remember rolling worms with play dough? Same idea, only cookie dough. They look like they are fiddly, but they aren’t, even a child could roll these.

Still need some stocking stuffers or small gifts? Munchies are always appreciated, no, strike that, they are loved! Yes, everyone complains about the gift and says you shouldn’t have, but that is manners talking. Their mother told them to say that. The minute you are out the door, they are digging in. If they really didn’t like it, or thought they were not worth it, they would give it back to you. Fat chance of that happening. So, buy an extra one for yourself!

Fudge, booze or no booze.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, milk or dark.

Marzipan, pigs or bars.

Chocolate Bars, marshmallow or nuts.

Etc.: Chocolate Cherries, Peanut Brittle, Ribbon Candy or Bonbons.

And for those naughty people, Candy Coal.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Party Picks for the decoratively challenged! Just poke these in the cake or treat and you are done. Class!

Also, ones you can write on to identify the different cheeses. Or to let everyone know this is the cake you made and that one was brought by someone else!

P.P.S. Christian scarfed down the Mincemeat Pies, all six of them in one sitting. I told him four now and two later, but he ignored me; he said four in that moment and two a few minutes later. Whatever, his rating is ten out of ten, exactly as advertised. It is a safe purchase!

P.P.P.S Please quit asking me where the chocolate cookies are. This creates a dilemma in me, do I tell you the truth and risk running out of my favourite cookie? Or do I misdirect you (lie??) and get fat? This is a philosophical debate that is too heavy to have when cookies are on the line. Pun intended.