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Happy Holidays

Dear Friends:

Not all of us have the TV Christmas Special kind of day, with joking uncles and children high on candy. Some of us just spend the day quietly.

There are a lot of people who spend Christmas Day alone. Whether it is because they do not have a big family, their family is in the far flung portions of this globe, they do not celebrate Christmas, or get together at another time of the year.

And some of us have small Christmas Dinners. Just a few special friends or family.

For all of you with the big family get together, I wish you the best.

And for those that spend the day quietly, I wish you something special. Do something for yourself – go for a walk, eat your favourite treat, call someone or watch your favourite movie.

Christmas is a Christian holiday, but it is also a season of peace and kindness. A time to love others and to love yourself. A time to spoil others and to spoil yourself.

Happy Holidays
Much Love
Linda Klimack