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Dear Friends:

This is the other Holiday message I wanted to send you.

What is with these squirrels? They steal bird food from feeders and now they are on the most wanted list for destroying Christmas – Lights that is!

They either eat through the wires or steal the bulbs. Either way, they are grinches, well maybe not mean-spirited, but certainly mischievous.

There are websites and blogs with hints and suggestions how to deter the little guys (a woman would never do this, they get their exercise chasing little ones!). There are squirrel-proof lights and other things to keep them away.

There are even theories as to why they do it (psychoanalysis for squirrels?).

They have wreaked havoc on the large tree in Boston and the Cincinnati Zoo. No news that they have moved into Canada. We only have polite squirrels! They offer at least a “sorry” as they make off with your lights.

Click here: The Bulb Bandit

Happy Holidays
Much Love
Linda Klimack

P.S. This is my new excuse for why I don’t put up lights – the squirrels might harm themselves. Although a few of my neighbours might put up extra strings for this same reason!

P.P.S. Maybe they are reacting to us stringing up lights in their home!

P.P.P.S. Does Olivio have a new career? Or is this his evil cousins again?

Don’t know who Olivio is? Click here: Olivio