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Pizza Anyone?

Dear Friends:

It was -38 this morning and ice fog. If you just looked outside you would have thought how pretty it looked – sort of a hazy cozy feeling. (Notice the double “zy”, extra points in Scrabble!) Then you poked your nose outside, you realized how frigid it was and started saying a prayer that your car would start.

My car did start, but it made sure I knew it was not happy. What I didn’t have is water in my house – the water line is frozen. I am hoping by the weekend water is flowing again. Otherwise I will be looking for a place to shower.

With the cold weather, the best thing is to stay inside. And what better thing to do but make pizza. This is a twofer, the oven heats the house and you get to eat something yummy!

The recipe or recipes this month is pizza dough. We have two versions: the rising one that you can freeze and the quick one you make and eat right away.

The Pizza Crust Rising is one we have had for several years. In a distant life my husband and I went to a cooking course. We thought it was about pot roast, in reality it was about pizza dough and using leftovers, such as pot roast, as toppings. What we learned was how to make really good pizza dough – the thin crispy ones. (Thick or deep dish pizza crust is just bread in another form!)

This recipe is an all day job with two risings and kneadings. The recipe makes enough for two large pizzas or you can freeze it and be ready for another day.

I always have frozen dough, and when I want to make pizza, I just plop the frozen dough on top of the oven, turn the oven on to 500F and go away for 45 minutes. When I come back the dough is defrosted and it is time to start assembling things.

The one thing that the cooking course taught me was that the temperature of the oven is the key. It needed to be a hot 500F, not just the light going off, but running for a length of time, so all the racks and everything are hot. That way when you put in the pizza, the temperature does not drop very much.

The second recipe, the Quick one, is a make and eat version. This is the version Tammy uses. She got the recipe in Home Ec, a billion years ago (well less than a billion, because she is younger than me), and still uses it. I tried it and I prefer the Rising one, because it makes a crispy dough, but if you don’t have the time, the Quick one is more that just acceptable. It is just a fraction less good than the Rising one.

So where are the pictures? There are none, and I won’t be having pizza this weekend. On December 23 my oven broke and I was supposed to cook the turkey. My sister, Mom and I prepared everything at my house, then went to my sister’s house to cook it. Because the oven has to fit into a specific space in my kitchen island, it had to be specific and I am still waiting for it to arrive. You can add specific price to that too! So no pizza this weekend!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups who definitely don’t want to go outside!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Slowly we are ordering stock to replace what sold during the holiday season. But the Valentine candy is here, all the usual including Caramel Hearts – Dark Chocolate or Red Apple.

P.P.S. We have moved things around in the store again, so that you have to keep talking to us by asking where we put this. And as a result me are selling the wooden barrels with or without the casters.

P.P.P.S. Along the same lines of above, we are also clearing out the Staub, Emile Henry pieces and other similar goodies. All are 30% off with the price clearly marked. So if you have been coveting something, now is the time for action!

P.P.P.P.S. The cold has turned this newsletter into a rant!