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Kitchen Hardware

Dear Friends:

So what are these? No we are not selling hammers now. Well sort of, these are officially called Meat Tenderizers – hammers for meat. You pound the meat with the Meat Tenderizer until it is thin and tender, such as chicken or pork to make cutlets.

I have decided to splurge and get one for me. Up until now I have used the backside of a saucepan. And with Paderno now gone, I live in fear I will damage or dent the pot.

Besides, as they say, you need the right tools for everything, and this handy hardware will make the job easier. And save me the steps of going to the basement to get a hammer if I need to pound a nail or two!

There are two styles: the cheap one and the expensive OXO one. The latter feels better in your grip and has some heft. The next time, I take on a cutlet, I will ask them which they prefer!

You either use cookie scoops or you don’t.

Over the years we have had different styles and after waaay too many complaints and returns, we have settled on the OXO ones. The problem is we always seem to be shorted by the supplier and so run out quickly. Right now we have a good supply. There are three sizes: 1 Tablespoon, 1½ Tablespoon and 3 Tablespoon.

No customer has ever returned one, so I know they work.

Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Spring is almost here and I am getting excited, my gardening catalogue arrived! Last year my gardening pails disappeared. I think I took flowers to a friend’s house and never got the pail back. But I only have a vague picture of this; maybe the squirrels ran off with it, after they dug up my fall bulbs?

The store has built up a supply of white food grade pails and they are for sale. There is also plastic containers to store your flours, grains and other bulk stuff. The large opening makes it easy to scoop things out. Yes the scoops are for sale too!

Did you know you can bring in your own containers? Just let us weigh them first (empty) and write down the tare weight. When you come back to the cash desk, we subtract the tare weight from the total weight. You want to make sure you do this, as glass jars can be heavy and you don’t want to pay for this weight.

P.P.S. Finally we have sold the other display racks and have new ones out.

And there are still lots of the storage cubes. Customers told us they are using them to organize mitts, rock collections, sewing stuff and scarves.