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Mexican Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almonds

Dear Friends:

Occasionally I bring in a new flavour of chocolate munchies just for a change. Some are a hit, like Chocolate Popcorn and they become a staple, others just pass through.

The latest one is Mexican Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almonds. This is one of those labels you don’t know which adjective modifies which (or is it what modifies what??). Does the Mexican Vanilla refer to the almonds or chocolate? What they are is almonds, enrobed in dark chocolate with strong hints of vanilla. (Sounds like I am pitching wine.)

They have a strong very dark chocolate taste flavoured with vanilla. They are not sweet, almost bitter and don’t have that milky smooth taste of some chocolate. They are not my preference, but then I am a milk chocolate person. If you like dark and not sweet, these may be for you.

When we last had oven gloves in stock, they flew out, and now they are back.

Oven gloves are less bulky and less rigid than oven mitts. You can’t do the one hand wiggle to get a glove on like a mitt. You know when you have a mitt on one hand and are holding something hot and you realize you need something on the other hand so you can stir, drain or remove the lid. These gloves need to be pulled on, because they fit like…a glove.

They say they are dishwasher safe. I tried the internet to see what this means: can you take hot dishes out of the dishwasher or can you put the gloves in the dishwasher to clean them? I think I would put them in the washing machine, just not in the dryer. They have sticky snowflakes on the gloves to help you grip things, and I wouldn’t trust them in a hot dryer.

I have tried a pair of oven gloves and find they work, they just feel weird, like you don’t really trust that you won’t burn you fingers. Over time I think I would learn to trust them. On the other hand, oven mitts always feel bulky and it feels dangerous to hold hot things, like they might slip at any time.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. So there is always good and bad in our days. Last Friday, as I was about to leave for yoga, I spotted a dead mouse in my basement. That is the bad thing. The good thing is he was dead. The second good thing is he was lying in the middle of the floor and not hidden behind something stinking. Those are the blessings. The second bad thing was there was no man around for me to play the delicate woman and run and hide under the bed.

It was me or nothing. So I got out my kitchen tongs and grabbed the mouse while making lots of faces and threw him outside. And those tongs in the garbage. Did I say the Cookware Sale is on, so you can replace tongs that have misadventures? There is no way I was using those tongs again!!

P.P.S. What are we getting rid of now? My collection of antique rolling pins.
There are all sizes and shapes. I don’t know if I would use them to roll pastry, because I can’t vouch for previous uses, but they would be really nice in a wall display.

P.P.P.S. Also cotton garden gloves. In a different life, these were stuffed with batting, then on a stick and looked like a bouquet of flowers. Now they have returned to their previous life – garden gloves.