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Ordering Christmas

Dear Friends:

This past weekend I began to order Christmas stuff. We may be here, so I am ordering!

I thought you would like this!

Who thinks up these things? Life should always be this fun!

I am ordering a line of sarcastic beverage napkins for Christmas. I just can’t resist!

Late Spring is here and BBQ season has started. Forget the nip in the air, next weekend is May Long Weekend, and that means shorts and t shirts, even if that includes a fuzzy hat and mitts! Huddle around the BBQ if you are really cold!

All the BBQ stuff is on sale for 20% off.

This includes:
– those special grill brushes that don’t leave bristles behind to get in the food;
– foil cooking bags for veggies etc., so you don’t have make your own packets;
– cedar planks (one of my staff used these and said they are great); and
– marinade injectors to get the marinade into the meat not just on the outside.

Long oven mitts are ordered and will arrive in a couple of weeks. Or you can try oven gloves and be trendy.

BBQ is not just about eating; it is about how you look and the gear you own!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups who know how to make BBQ look cool!

Linda Klimack

P.S. I think I blew it with the shelving boards we are clearing out. They are not moving. Time for a change, all boards, no matter the length, are $2.00.

So look around your garage, like Tammy. Are the shelves wonky, dirty, too short or just not working? Then for a few bucks you can have new ones! We all need more shelving to get organized; the garage/garden shed is the worst.

A squirrel had spread pine cones on all the shelves in my garden shed and strategically placed them in the flower pots and all other containers. What a mess. Do you think they were trying to hide their half eaten food? Or just never learned to clean up after themselves? Whatever, I am left with the mess and this is despite nice shelves!

P.P.S. Lots of pumpkins still for sale.

P.P.P.S. I was too lazy to ride my bike today. The excuse I used was I had to do some shopping. Yeah right, I have carried groceries on my bike before, so why not this time?

Last week when it was misty rain and I rode home. The trails look slippery with a thin layer of rain sitting on top of the packed surface. I just knew that the trail was going to grab my tires and send me sliding sideways. So I yelled to the carrot sticks to hang on tight and knew it was going to be a perilous ride. Sooo…I rode as fast as I could and didn’t fall, but the carrots and I were covered in mud. Who said riding a bike is a leisure activity?