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Reusable Bags

Dear Friends:

When I walk in the morning, either on the beach at the lake or on the trails at home, I pick up garbage. I hate to see garbage!!!!!! It offends me and destroys the peacefulness of nature. I even carrying an extra bag to collect the finds.

I also believe “if not me, who” so I pick it up and watch other people step over it as though the garbage fairies are going to magically make candy wrappers and paper cups disappear.

Part of the garbage I find is plastic shopping bags. They are easy to see as most are bright white and never fade or break down, they just retain the brilliant white. They are either lying on the ground or caught in bushes, either way they are difficult to ignore.

That is the ranting part, now the good part. We have reusable bags.

For produce there are stretchy polyester Carebags with drawstring closures. They come in packages of fours but you need a lot to put all your veggies in its own bag. I keep my veggies in the bags in the fridge, and when they get dirty, I just throw them in the wash.

For flours, grains and bulk stuff there are cotton muslin Credo Bags with drawstring closures. They are in packages of three, with a small, medium and large size. These have just arrived, so I don’t have practical advice for you. I just saw customers with them and knew others, including me, would want to use them.

Both of these companies are Canadian, and really nice people to deal with.

We also have lots of bags for carrying things.

Large bags that fold into a small packet and you can store in your purse or the catchall in the door of your car.

Small bags for a few items such as an extra sweater or coat, a book or a water bottle and snack for later.

And finally we have lunchbags. (Is lunchbag one word or two lunch bag? I am sticking with one.)

You can use the small bags described above, or we have a new line of Fluf Bags. These are cotton canvas bags with a polyester lining that are practical and simple. There are two styles and several patterns for children and adults.

More importantly, some are sassy and boldly state what they hold. Which may be bad if you have work colleagues that know you pack a better lunch and steal your food.

It is always difficult to find lunchbags for men or those opposed to busy flowers. These bags fit that bill!

This company is also Canadian.

Finally, finally you can bring in your containers and we weigh them, then you fill them. When you first enter the store, just stand at the cash desk. Not in line but just there and we will weigh and label your containers. Glass jars are heavy and you want to make sure we subtract this weigh from the product.

There are several customers that reuse their bags and twist ties in the store. I admire their organization to keep it all in one place, and memory to remember what they have and where they put the stuff.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups, who are tired of stuff!

Linda Klimack

P.S. While walking on the Hart Trail I spied one of our twist ties on the ground. How did I know it was Scoop’s? The four digit code – Jubjubes.

First I had a rush of pride to see the twist tie, then I thought why did they throw it on the ground and mild disgust took over. I told you I hate garbage. That is what your pockets are for!

P.P.S. With all this bending over to pick up garbage, you would think I would have a slim waist, no such luck, just a excuse to eat more! After all I deserve it with all the effort of picking garbage!

P.P.P.S. There used to three word: reduce, reuse and recycle. Now it is up to five: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

P.P.P.P.S. I forgot to mention we have nut bags, not for storing nuts, but for making nut milk. (You really think the squirrels are going to store their nuts…this is bordering on sleazy, so I will stop now before I dig myself in too far.)

P.P.P.P.P.S. Now for the funny part, speaking of recycling.