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Children’s Games

Dear Friends:

As we ramp up for Christmas the stock is arriving. The first thing we received is the new stock of Children’s Games. There are some new ones that appeal to a variety of ages and interests. Remember Christmas is on its way! We all remember playing games with our grandparents and siblings.

First we have kits of reusable stickers. Each have backdrop boards to attach the stickers and create a story.

Second we have a variety of games:
– Topper Takes A Trip – a matching game about what to pack when you go on vacation, such as camping or skiing;
– Pick Me Up Piggy – where Piggy drives each friend (horse, cow, mouse and chicken) to where they need to go;
– Sky Magic – where you help friends get home before they run out of magic potions; and
– Button, Button Belly Button – a colour matching game for the wee little ones where you match belly buttons.

Finally, we have journals or diaries because everyone has secrets they don’t want to tell anyone. Please note the unicorn diary has a pen with invisible ink and a reveal light!!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!Linda KlimackP.S. Every April we have to guess how many chocolate treats we are going to sell during the summer and order a huge supply. Most of our suppliers will not ship chocolate in the summer as a refrigerated truck is very expensive and without it the chocolate just blooms or melts.

This year we did not do a good job of predicting, consequently we were out of milk and dark almonds and lots of other things including sugar free dark almond bark.

As the days get cooler, some of the chocolates have now been shipped, that is the regular munchie treats. But the company that sells the sugar free items will not ship until end of October, so some of you still have to wait.

P.P.S. The wacky cake recipes are now posted on the website. This was a case of Tammy thought I had, and I thought she had, but neither of us had. The problem is now fixed. This is the picture of the Wacky Lemon Cake, Tammy’s favourite.


P.P.P.S. We still have 13 leftover puzzles, the last dredges! In the meantime the new puzzles are arriving and being put out. But that is the topic of the next newsletter. I have already picked out three I like.

P.P.P.P.S. Hot Smoked Paprika is also back in stock. I love this stuff and add it to everything, chili, cheese rollups, spaghetti sauce and chicken nuggets. (The latter is a new recipe that still needs a bit of work, I will let you know when I have perfected it.)

P.P.P.P.P.S. Speaking of belly buttons, I saw this on one of my lake walks – a large rock with a belly button.