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Boxing Day

Dear Friends:

By now I hope you are sitting in your pj’s with comfort food and a good movie or book, just decompressing from all the busyness. That is what I am doing.

Last Fall at the lake it was a beautiful day, sun shining and no wind but there was a feeling in the air of impending autumn and there was a buzz of people packing and closing down their places. When I was walking on the beach at the lake I saw this.

Pink fuzzy slippers on the sandy beach at the edge of the water? This was too good of a prop to let a story pass.

So I think this is a mermaid returned to the water after a summer of lake life. Or was it the cool weather that begged her to return or the end of a summer romance?

I will look for signs of her return next summer.

Take care of yourself and others.

Much Love,
Linda Klimack

P.S. Most likely it was just a kid wearing her mother’s slippers and abandoned them to go swimming. Someone has cold feet!

P.P.S. But oh to wear fuzzy pink mules at the lake and not the ususal bright coloured foam flip flops is sooo chic (and gutsy)!