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Glory Bowl

Dear Friends:

I kept having this bad smell in my kitchen a while back, so I checked the regular things garbage, dishwasher, and fruit bowl. There was a dried and moldy orange hidden in the bottom of the fruit and I dealt with that. But a few days later I smelt it again. I did another round, but still could not quite find the source.

Then one day I was making lunch in the morning and leaned over my lunchbag. Did it stink! It had no stains or gooey messes inside, so there was no obvious source of smell. I think after ten years and over 2,000 uses (4 times a week x 50 weeks a year x 10 years) (Can you tell I took a Business Math course?) the plastic just got smelly. So I chucked that one and got a new one.

The recipe this month in one of my favourites – Glory Bowls. Or sometimes they are called Buddha Bowls or Rice Bowls or Noodle Bowls.

This is supper in one bowl recipe. It is also eclectic and can basically include anything you want. It usually consists of a starch (rice, grains or noodles), cooked veggies, raw veggies and protein (meat or tofu). I have even used leftover veggies and bits of meat from dinner the night before.

The sauce, is made with tahini, soy sauce, and nutritional yeast, and is definitely the best part and pulls all the pieces together. I have even used the sauce on stir fries and leftovers. It makes the boring taste good.

This is an “I am alone and want something yummy to eat, what can I throw together?” meal. Easy to make for one and easy to make an extra for lunch the next day. This is healthy comfort food.

It can be made vegan, gluten free and picky eatable.

The recipe is available online https://www.scoopnweigh.com/recipe/glory-bowl/, or in the store on paper.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Just a heads up the Puzzle Sale is January 13 to 25.

P.P.S. Stock is low in the store as we are counting inventory. So if we look harried and are whispering under our breath, don’t interrupt or we will lose count.