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Follow Up

Dear Friends:

Last newsletter I told you about the Christmas ornaments in the Assiniboine Forest. The following are the emails I received.

Hi Linda–

The ornaments were part of an installation by artist Tracy Peters.
They became her Christmas card.

Johanna R

good morning

my husband and i are one of many people who decorate the trails at christmas time with decorations. we have been doing this for 5 years. it gives us so much pleasure and joy. we usually hang between 30 to 40 decorations. the hoar frost on the trees add another layer of beauty as does the early morning sun, (not so early in december) and the afternoon sunset.
we then take them down in early january. so happy that you enjoy them too!!
take good care.

Aren’t the Scoop N’ Weigh customers the nicest people? 🙂

There has been lots of talk about single use items and awareness around how individual people’s (you and me) small changes can help this world. I am glad for the changes that are coming.

My complaint is about how there are not enough discussions about small things we can do to cut down. I do not object to making changes in my life. I just find the large scale philosophical discussion pointless and tiresome. Just tell me what to do!!

So I will start. We all know about shopping bags, and you have heard me complain about tea bags that are not compostable. But how about loose tea?

I make my own Chai Latte and love a cup in the morning. (We won’t talk about the other things I like to eat with it – the sticky gooey things!) There are lots of gadgets you can put your loose tea into. Some teapots have built in infusers and if you only want a cup, there are little paper bags or various separate infusers. We even sell some of them.

But the only thing I found that works and doesn’t rip or fall into the pot or cup is this.

The Paris Tea Cup Strainer is wide enough it fits over the mouth of almost any cup. You put your tea in the basket, pour in the boiling water, then steep. When you are done you tip the soggy tea bits into your compost bin.

The Strainer also fits into the mouth of the teapot, although you have to fill the pot very full to reach the tea leaves. That means there is more tea to drink! (And treats to go with the tea!)

The other hint came from a customer. I was complaining about the number of small plastic bags I use when I divide up a package of bacon. The customer told me to create a bacon roll. That is, get a strip of parchment paper and lay a piece of bacon, then roll the paper, then another strip of bacon and roll. Until you have a roll. I can do this!

There is no picture, I have to use up what I have in the freezer first.

Have you got any other ideas? I just want to use less. Mostly because I hate taking out the garbage!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. The recipe for the Chai Latte is online or in the store. It can be made with black tea or rooibos. With lots of milk and honey you make soppy tea, my favourite.

P.P.S. Remember you can bring in your own containers and bags to fill.

P.P.P.S. This is a good day today. When I was cleaning the kitchen in the morning, I noticed a leftover cookie. The gods are smiling down on me! I should buy a lottery ticket. Or did I already use up my good luck on the cookie?