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Scoop N’ Weigh Is Closing

Dear Friends:

This is your official notice – Scoop N’ Weigh is closing.

As of March 1, we start the process of closing the store. Everything, and I mean everything, must go. When we are done, I only want the walls, floor and ceiling left.

That means we have to sell:
– the regular stock that we have always sold (linens, food, giftware, etc.);
– the fixtures (shelving, stands, pails, coolers, etc.);
– the support items (ladders, mops, filing cabinets, chairs, etc.); and
– the decorations (for every season and antiques).

As of March 3, 2020 all regular stock (with the exception of Special Orders) will be discounted.

March 3 to 14 – 20% off
March 17 to 31 – 30% off
April 1 to 14 – 50% off
April 15 to 30 – 75% off

Regular stock is defined as what we have always sold – food, cookware, linens, paper napkins, and puzzles.

We are not ordering again, so you get to decide how long you want to wait to stock up, because once the pail is empty, there is no more.

All fixtures, decorations and everything else must go. The items will either be priced or you can negotiate with me about the price. Either way they are NOT included in the regular stock discount.

Special Orders are something entirely different. Some of the customers have expressed a desire to purchase a bag of regular stock. For example, if a customer drinks camomile tea and buys it from us, they may consider buying several bags (cases) to stock up.

We will be placing one order from several of our large suppliers to fill special orders.

The rules of a special order are:
– you can only order a full case/box/bag;
– you pay retail price minus 10%;
– the regular stock discount DOES NOT apply;
– you need to pay in advance;
– you are responsible for picking it up soon after we telephone you;
– we will not be ordering from all companies;
– there is no guarantee we will be able to get what you ordered;
– the order must be received and paid for by March 14 closing; and
– only Tammy or I can take your orders.

All sales are final. You can not return a product for a refund, nor exchange it for something else. Once you have paid for it – you own it.

Tied to the idea of no returns, there are no phone orders. You can not phone in a request and ask us to put it aside for you, to be picked up at a later time. You have to come to the store and leave with the item. If you want any variation from “See it-Pay for it-Leave with it”, you will have to give me a compelling reason and beg a bit.

Finally, the hours are changing as of March 1,2020:

Sunday closed
Monday closed
Tuesday 9:00 to 6:00
Wednesday 9:00 to 6:00
Thursday 9:00 to 6:00
Friday 9:00 to 6:00
Saturday 9:00 to 5:00

The first official day we are open, and the commencement of the Closing Sale, is Tuesday March 3. Don’t come to the store on Monday March 2, the store will be closed and I won’t be here.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. The official closing date will be sometime in April and depends on what and how much still needs to be sold. (Also the weather, if it is warm, then I am outside doing yard work or walking/biking.)

P.P.S. Some of the fixtures, decorations, and everything else will be priced on March 3, but not all. The Closing Sale is a work in progress, and the staff and I will be working our way through the store, cleaning up and pricing as we go along. So new items will appear all the time. You can always ask me about an item you are interested in.