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What For Sale 4

Dear Friends:

We are into Week 4 and there is less regular stock and more decorations and fixtures for sale.

Take note, regular stock is now 30% off.

So what is for sale?

Pallets – In my crawl space, where I store stuff, I have everything on pallets with casters. Why? mice and water! If I get either one I can roll the pallet out of the way and clean. In the past I have had to move stuff and take apart shelving when there was water seepage or I was just dumb and decided to rearrange stuff. Never again am I going to do that!

These pallets are strong and on good casters that can hold the weight. There are lots of sizes to choose. This is a garage, shop or basement thing!

When I showed Tammy a draft of this newsletter she joked people will be putting the pallets on their deck and moving their flowerpots around. I never thought of that!

Tasting Spoons – I have been told these are hard to find if you are a retailer or weekend market seller. I know I had to order them from the US.

Paper and Plastic Bags – various sizes and good for retail packaging.

Christmas Branches – hard to think about Christmas now as the snow is melting, but the decorations will be waiting for you in December. By then you will have forgotten about them, and it will be a nice surprise.

Christmas Flower Pots – I love these and still have to make a decision about how many I want. Ten is too many, but maybe four. Or six with two over there. I know I am going to regret this decision! But I am not keeping all of them. I will need another pallet to store them on.

Wicker Baskets – that are not really wicker or caning, but are plastic that looks like wicker. They are food grade, that is approved by the health people, and can be washed. They don’t dry out and they don’t get moldy.

There are three styles. My sister uses one for a laundry hamper. I thought they would make nice flower pots to sit on my deck. But the problem is last time I bought flower pots I bought extras in case one breaks, (did you see my eyes roll) so I have enough for at least ten years. And by then I will have forgotten about them or moved on to another bright idea.

Door Hooks – these are magnetic door hooks you put on your steel door so you can hang things, like wreaths.

And still hanging around:
– Wreaths and door decorations

– Scales – 5 kg

– Commercial Storage Shelving – 6′ high and 8′ high, really strong, built to hold lots of weight.

This is what you need in your garage. My sister asked me if we could build shelving and I said no way, this stuff is better – easier to put together, stronger, adjustable and when you move you can take it with you. For now it is all sitting in my living room, but in July it will be the weekend job and she will be organized (for about three weeks!).

– Photocopier – double sided, enlarges, 3 bins for paper, connects to computer, scans and faxes.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. I am starting to sell the counters that circled the store. They vary in sizes from 2 to 8 feet long. When they are available I will put them out.

P.P.S. I am also selling the stands the pails of product sat on. I know they are not much use for others, but there is lots of good wood including 8′ 2×4’s. This wood is not rotten, as it was painted and never outside. In the past I have taken the stands apart and I now have enough lumber to build a new garden shed.

The downside is you are responsible for dealing with them to get them out of there. For handy people this is a real deal!

The other bonus is there are really good casters on the stands.