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About Us

Scoop N’ Weigh is a specialty food store that caters to those who love to cook! We have a large selection of baking and cooking ingredients and cookware to complete the task. We pride ourselves on carrying quality items that improve the simplest recipes.

At Scoop N’ Weigh we want to inspire you to cook!

Whether you are a novice trying to cook for the first time or an old hand, we try to ignite a spark in you to make foods that you have thought too difficult or finicky.  We want you to look forward to eating what you cooked and feel excited about using a few quality ingredients and a little of your time to create healthy meals.

When friends and family come over, cooking together is a way of sharing and laughing, then sitting down to an event you created. Even the clean-up should be a time to dance.

At Scoop N’ Weigh we:

  • hand out recipes that work
  • stock quality ingredients
  • follow the trends in cooking
  • have ingredients that inspire you to create something new and improve your skills
  • have the gadgets that make cooking easier
  • have treats that indulge your whims