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Treadmill of Life

Dear Friends: It is January and I have crawled back on my treadmill, promising myself to lose that weight and get in shape. The problem is those Christmas cookies in […]


Dear Friends: This is the other Holiday message I wanted to send you. What is with these squirrels? They steal bird food from feeders and now they are on the […]

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends: Not all of us have the TV Christmas Special kind of day, with joking uncles and children high on candy. Some of us just spend the day quietly. […]

Too Busy

Dear Friends: Too busy making gift trays for a newsletter this week!! All I can think about is filling pails and tying ribbons. Hope to see you soon. Scoop N’ […]

Almond Crescents

Dear Friends: The recipe for December and for the Holiday Season is Almond Crescents. These are a rich almond flour cookie, sickle-shaped and decorated with either icing sugar, cinnamon sugar […]

Cakes and Cookies

Dear Friends: Like a fool, I ventured into both Polo Park and St. Vital Shopping Malls. I have not been to either for several years and just wanted to feel […]

Hanukkah is early!

Dear Friends: This year Hanukkah is early, December 2 to 10. We have a variety of things for small gifts such as puzzles, bingo and memory games, stickers, and dreidels. […]


Dear Friends: This newsletter was supposed to be about Christmas stuff, but I woke up this morning and thought, I don’t want to write about that, I want to write […]