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Car Noises

Dear Friends: While I was on vacation I went to the lake several times. One of the trips began with a bit of stress. I was finally heading out with […]

A World Without Electricity

Dear Friends: Last Sunday I woke up in the morning feeling the coolness of the house and hearing the birds outside. They were very loud and seemed to be either […]

Bird Watching

Dear Friends: A couple of weeks ago I went out with my hiking group to bird watch. I like watching birds and I would like to be able to identify […]

Roasted Rhubarb

Dear Friends: There are two recipes this month. One you can make right now – Roasted Rhubarb – and one that has to wait a bit – Strawberry Mojitos – […]

Summer Tea Towels

Dear Friends: Every summer I seem to order tea towels with the cute or cheeky sayings. This year is no different. There are gardening ones, lake ones and new for […]

Social Media Sabbatical

Dear Friends: I think I should write a blog about how I am spending two weeks on a social media sabbatical and relearning the old ways of connecting with people […]

Ordering Christmas

Dear Friends: This past weekend I began to order Christmas stuff. We may be here, so I am ordering! I thought you would like this! Who thinks up these things? […]

Rhubarb Muffins

Dear Friends: Is your rhubarb up yet? There is no sign of mine, but then my backyard is very shady and the rhubarb was just planted last year. I am […]